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  • Bus sinks into the abyss in Naples, the images


15 May 2021

A large chasm opened in the night in the Sanità area, in Naples.

There are no injuries.

Police and firefighters arrived on the scene and started the investigation of the case.

It is not excluded that the chasm may have been caused by the abundant rains that have been recorded since yesterday evening.

In addition to the fright, no harm to the residents of the area.

Firefighters are still working to secure the affected area.

The chasm opened in a green area of ​​an ancient building in vicoletto San Marco in Miradois, on the far outskirts of the district, almost on the border with the Capodimonte area. 

At the moment the 15 people residing in the building have been turned away. The first alarm went off around 22.30 yesterday. Some residents heard sinister noises. Then, after a roar, once they came out of their homes they discovered what had happened.

The chasm is very large: almost twenty meters in diameter, with a depth of several meters. The residents of the building then called the fire brigade. Many spent the night in the car: the older ones in a garage that is not far away and had the solidarity of the people of the neighborhood who offered them some kind of comfort. At the moment, investigations are still underway to establish the causes of the failure.