- We can not enter the building due to unexploded ordnance.

In addition, the construction of the building poses a risk of landslides.

It is simply too great a risk to send people in, says Mikael Andersson, operations manager at the rescue service in Ljungby.

The alarm about the heavy fire came at 6.30 pm on Friday night.

The probable cause is considered to be a direct hit by the lightning.

The fire is under control and there are no suspicions of crime.

On Saturday, the rescue service has two men on site to monitor and ensure that the public stays away from the accident site.

-It must cool down now, so there must be some form of decontamination of the place whatever it suffers.

From what I understand, the fireworks have been stored correctly and in a good building, says Mikael Andersson.

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After the lightning strike - here the fireworks factory's rockets explode Photo: Carl Carlert

See when the fireworks are fired from the factory in the clip above.