The brightest stars in the music industry were celebrated today at the Helsinki Fair Center, where the 2021 Emma Gala was celebrated.

During the evening, musicians were awarded in a total of 23 different categories.

The biggest winners of the Emma gala were Behm aka Rita Behm, known for her hits Hi Rakas and Frida.

Behm won as many as seven awards during the evening.

He was awarded Artist of the Year and Newcomer of the Year, among other things.

In addition to Behm, the Seasoned Duo, siblings Anna and Kaisa Karjalainen, won several awards.

The Spice Works was awarded as the band of the year and they also took the win in the rock category of the year.

See below for a list of all Emma Gala winners:

  • Artist of the Year: BEHM

  • Band of the Year: Spice Works

  • Album of the Year: Drama Arch Charm / BEHM

  • Newcomer of the year: BEHM

  • Song of the Year: Hi dear / BEHM

  • Pop of the Year: BEHM

  • Rock of the Year: Seasoning

  • Metal of the Year: Nightwish

  • Shock of the Year: Arttu Wiskari

  • Rap / R&B of the Year

  • Jazz album of the year: Superposition / Superposition

  • Ethno album of the year: Mielo / Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström

  • Classical music album of the year: Small Creatures - A Musical Bestiary / Petri Kumela

  • Children's Music Album of the Year: Evening Songs / Suvi Teräsniska

  • Music video of the year: Vapaa / F (director: Juho Länsiharju)

  • Producer of the year: Sakke Aalto

  • Selection of critics: Antti Tuisku / Selected nation

  • The best-selling domestic album of the year: Drama Arch Charm / BEHM

  • Most streamed domestic song of the year: Penelope / william (feat. Clever)

  • The most streamed foreign song of the year: Blinding Lights / The Weeknd

  • Special Emma: Risto Ryti

  • Golden-Emma: Riku Mattila

  • Audience Vote - Finnish Artist of the Year: BEHM