Dresden (dpa / sn) - The Dresden police are preparing for large-scale operations due to possible crowds at the weekend.

The police department in Dresden announced on Friday that they will be supported by colleagues from the riot police, the police from Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt and the federal police.

Considerable traffic restrictions in the center are to be expected.

Several rallies of the initiative “lateral thinking 351” against corona measures had been registered for Saturday.

The city had banned the meetings, the Dresden Administrative Court confirmed this. On Friday, the applicant submitted an urgent application against it at the Bautzen Higher Administrative Court.

A decision is expected on Friday evening.

Regardless of the outcome of the legal dispute, the police want to be present in the city as on previous occasions.

The "lateral thinkers" protests were also the reason why the police suggested that the last home game of third division soccer team SG Dynamo Dresden be postponed on Saturday.

The German Football Association followed suit and moved the game to Sunday.


Since Dynamo Dresden would have made it to the 2nd league if they had won against Türkgücü Munich, the police are expecting a gathering of fans in front of the stadium.

A similar scene had happened in front of the stadium during the relegation of Dynamo in the summer of 2020.

Around 2000 followers came and hardly adhered to the Corona requirements.

«Dresden is crazy about football in a positive sense.

But even as a fan you can be responsible and show solidarity.

And that is exactly the order of the day, ”said Police President Jörg Kubiessa.

The police will have a strong presence around the stadium on Sunday.

The deployment strategy is "basically communicative and geared towards de-escalation".

However, the current corona rules will be enforced.

“Like many Dynamo fans, I keep my fingers crossed that the team will make the promotion on Sunday perfectly.

As has often been the case this season, she unfortunately has to do without her twelfth husband this Sunday - in and at the stadium.

So I appeal to all fans: Don't come to the stadium, ”emphasized Kubiessa.

The prospective easing should not be jeopardized lightly.

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