The "Pfizer-Biontech" vaccine is effective against the current variants of "Corona"

British data: a single dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine reduces the risk of death by 80%

People line up to get a coronavirus vaccine in India yesterday.


The British Public Health Authority announced that data from vaccinations with the "AstraZeneca" vaccine to prevent the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), shows that a single dose of it leads to an 80% reduction in the risk of death from disease, and it also said that its new analysis shows that protection The risk of death provided by the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine rises from about 80% after the first dose to 97% after two doses.

For his part, the German Biontech laboratory announced that its anti-"Covid-19" vaccine, developed in cooperation with the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, is an actor against the current variants of the Corona virus, indicating that no study at this stage has concluded the need to amend its composition.

"So far, nothing indicates the necessity of adapting the current Biontech vaccine to confront the main emerging mutations," said a statement by the laboratory on the occasion of presenting its financial results.

However, "Biontech" made it clear that it is working on developing "a complete strategy to confront these changes if the need arises in the future."

In preparation for this hypothesis, the laboratory explained that, last March, it began tests on a "modified version" of its "mutant" vaccine.

The German laboratory announced that "the aim of this study is to explore the regulatory path that Biontech and Pfizer are supposed to take if the virus mutates in a way that necessitates updating the vaccine."

The impact of a possible third injection is currently being evaluated in terms of prolonging immunity and protecting against mutants.

Last April, Director General of Biontech, Ugur Shaheen, announced that the vaccine is effective against the Indian variant of the Corona virus, and “Pfizer-Biontech” was the first vaccine authorized for use in the West, and it is currently used in more than 90 countries around the world.

The laboratory aims to increase its production to three billion doses by the end of the year, compared to 2.5 billion doses that were previously expected.

In addition, a senior White House official said that the United States is on its way to achieving President Joe Biden's goal of getting millions of people vaccinated by the fourth of next July, and that the country has passed a critical stage with regard to the pandemic.

The New York Daily News quoted White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zets as saying that President Biden said earlier this month that he wanted 70 percent of American adults to receive at least one dose by Independence Day, the fourth day. From July, about 58% of adults have been vaccinated.

He continued on the "State of the Union" program on the "CNN" network: "I would like to say that we have started to improve. The road ahead is still ahead, which will include facilitating people getting vaccinated and making sure people build their confidence."

The White House announces that the United States has passed a critical stage with regard to the pandemic.

• 90 countries around the world use the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine.

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