High general spread of infection and high sickness absence among students and school staff was behind the decision to introduce distance learning for all students in high school and high school.

But last week the spread of infection dropped drastically and now the school management together with the infection control in Västernorrland has decided to open up the schools for all students in high school and a third of the students in high school.

- It is very important that we get the students back to school.

They have been away from local education for a very long time now, says Anders Fager, operations manager for the primary school in Örnsköldsvik.

Summer school should support

Now it is hoped that the students will have a good end to the school year together with their teachers.

In addition, it has previously been decided to arrange a summer school for those students who need extra support or who have fallen behind under the special conditions that sometimes prevail within the school.

- Hopefully we can catch some of those who have slipped behind.

Of course, it will be tough with some things to catch up, says Anders Fager.