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■ Progress: Joo Young-jin Anchor

■ Interview: Former Blue House Spokesman Park Soo-hyun, Former Representative Lee Sang-il, Lee Hyeong-geun, SBS Editorial Writer

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● What is the direction of the three ineligible ministers?

Park Soo-hyun / Former Blue House Spokesman

"Expressing fundamental regret and regret… We will make a comprehensive judgment even with the opinion of the National Assembly"

Lee Sang-il / Former Congressman 

"President Moon, consistent as an excuse for personnel failure"

Lee Hyeong-geun / SBS editorial writer

"The Blue House predicts that there will be no preemptive withdrawal "


●'Moonpa' character bomb... how?

Park Soo-hyun / Former Blue House Spokesman


Moon, Criticizes Accurately Over Overflowing Text"


Sang-il / Former Congressman 

"President Moon, Mansijitan…I Should Have Pointed Out"

Lee Hyeong-geun / SBS Editorial Writer

"It's hard to see the clear intention... We are not biased to one side"

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