"Emergencies and Crises" limits 15 minutes to Eid prayers in mosques and prevents the elderly and children from attending

The UAE government held a periodic media briefing to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the new Corona virus emerging in the country "Covid-19", during which it announced the establishment of the Eid Al-Fitr prayer, provided that the prayer period is only 15 minutes, including the sermon, with the application of precautionary measures, as it announced that it has begun The production of the (Hayat Fax) vaccine in the UAE and its distribution inside the country, noting that more than 11 million doses of Corona vaccination have been provided, as the rate of vaccination exceeds 72.03% of the total eligible group, in addition to the vaccination of 79.03% of the elderly group of adults Their age is 60 years old

In detail, the spokesperson for the health sector in the country, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, affirmed that the health authorities will continue their efforts to raise the community’s immunity against Covid-19 disease, by vaccinating the largest possible percentage of those eligible to take the vaccine “People from the age of 16 years and over”, referring to The provision of various vaccines has been expanded in all the emirates of the country, and it has been decided that citizens and residents can obtain any of the vaccines approved in the country, “Sinopharma, Pfizer-Biontec, AstraZeneca, and Spiotnik” at the approved vaccination centers in each emirate.

Al Hosani stressed that the national vaccination campaign in the UAE continues to achieve its goals, as more than 72.03% of the total eligible group have been vaccinated, and 79.03% of the elderly group aged 60 years and over has been vaccinated, which is the priority group being more At risk of contracting the disease and its complications, noting the importance of the societal role and its commitment in the current stage, especially the UAE has taken all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of society, the most important of which is the availability of vaccines

Al Hosani said: “The total number of doses that have been provided to date has reached more than 11 million doses, and the rate of vaccine distribution has reached 113.10 doses for every 100 people, while the number of tests has exceeded more than 46 million tests, an achievement that is counted for the UAE, which confirms day after day that it is One of the most important global models that succeeded in curbing the spread of the crisis.

She added: "Health authorities closely follow the effectiveness of vaccines by following the developments of clinical studies and following up on the effectiveness of vaccinations in the community by tracking all positive cases that have been registered in the country and classifying them according to vaccination and disease severity, which helps in monitoring the effectiveness of vaccination continuously."

Al Hosani revealed that a study was conducted on the effectiveness of vaccination in the country, which showed a significant decrease in the rate of infection with the Covid-19 virus after receiving the second dose of the vaccine, and the study also found that the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing people from the need to go to hospital is 93%, while The effectiveness of vaccination in reducing the need for intensive care is 95%, stressing that the results of the study showed that unvaccinated people are most vulnerable to serious complications from this disease, so according to this study, it is necessary for everyone to take the initiative to take the vaccine to avoid infection with the Covid virus. 19 and its complications.

Al Hosani announced, during the briefing, that the production of the (Hayat Fax) vaccine has started in the UAE, which reflects the start of a historic stage for vaccine manufacturing in the country, as this step is an important strategic step in raising the efficiency of the health sector infrastructure and developing local and national capacities in the field of biotechnology. Noting that the vaccine has begun to be distributed within the country, and that the UAE is expected to become a leading regional headquarters in this field, as work is underway to approve the vaccine in other countries and start the necessary accreditation procedures worldwide.

Take two vaccinations for "Corona"

Farida Al Hosani warned against taking a different vaccine for people who received two doses of the vaccine against Covid-19, and cautioned that there are no studies on the safety of diversifying between more than one vaccine at the present time, indicating that more future studies are required.

 She said: "We are closely following international studies in this field and we will provide you with any developments on the subject, if they are available, and at the present time we recommend that people who have received two doses of the Covid 19 vaccine do not take any other type of vaccination, in the interest of their health and safety."

For his part, the spokesperson for the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, Dr. Saif Al Dhaheri, announced the establishment of the Eid Al-Fitr prayer and the prayer protocol, as it was decided to limit the duration of the prayer to fifteen minutes only, including the sermon, with the application of precautionary measures such as wearing masks and physical distancing, pointing to It is strictly forbidden to attend prayer, individuals who are staying with and receiving treatment with infected people, and those who are in contact with Covid-19 patients, and people who suffer from chronic diseases.

Al Dhaheri said: “Gatherings and handshakes are prohibited before and after the Eid prayer in all its forms, and it is sufficient to greet and congratulate from a distance. Sixty and children under twelve years of age avoid going to Eid prayers, in order to preserve their health and safety.

He added: "The concerned authorities and volunteers will supervise the process of entering and leaving the places of prayer, to prevent congestion and organize the performance of prayer, provided that the mosques only open fifteen minutes before the prayer and close immediately after the completion of the sermon," stressing the importance of emphasizing that discipline and work to continue following Precautionary measures and compliance with the instructions issued by the competent authorities.

Al Dhaheri reiterated his emphasis on the importance of adhering to precautionary measures, especially during the blessed Eid al-Fitr period, such as avoiding family visits and gatherings, and limiting them only to members of the same family who live in the same house, taking care to wear masks and adhere to physical distancing while sitting with the elderly and those with chronic diseases, and preferring them The option of offering congratulations and blessings to relatives and friends through electronic communication channels, not exchanging gifts and food between neighbors, in addition to refraining from distributing the Eid to children, or even spending it from banks, and circulating it among individuals during this period, and using electronic alternatives for that.

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