The Swedish Transport Administration believes that the location promotes the development of Kiruna and provides good accessibility.

- The alternative provides conditions for good societal development in Kiruna and the location means that the station is easily accessible with the opportunity for good walking and cycling routes, says Marie Stenman, project manager at the Swedish Transport Administration, in a press release.

Details must be refined

In the work on the railway plan, several alternative locations for a new railway station have been investigated.

Throughout the process, a number of consultations have been conducted, most recently in 2020, to gather views and data on the project from stakeholders and the public.

- Now we consult and present the alternative that the Swedish Transport Administration advocates.

After the consultation, we process the opinions and opinions received and make a formal position.

We will then, in the continued work with the plan, refine the details of the proposal and in that work, consultation with those concerned is extremely important, says Marie Stenman, project manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.