• Episode 22: The Recipe for Success on the Stock Market turns 400 years old and was written by a Spaniard in Amsterdam

  • Episode 21: The football business after the Super League and the Spanish piggy bank: how to invest the accumulated savings?

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Faced with the fever to buy a home that has been unleashed by the coronavirus, several of you have asked me on social networks which banks were offering the best mortgages and

which mortgages are the most favorable at the moment

, and I took advantage of your doubts to ask

Sergio Carbajal

, head of Mortgages at Rastreator, what are the most advantageous home loans on the market and which entities offer them. 

We also discussed what things we should look at to know if we are contracting the best possible mortgage for us and what where there are better opportunities, in online or traditional banks. 

We will also talk about the


, which are causing a sensation on Wall Street and could soon land in Spain (are they suitable for all investors?) And we take a look at


and its rally of the last weeks: Why the increases ?

Will bitcoin eat the ground?

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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PodcastThe recipe for success on the Stock Exchange turns 400 years old and was written by a Spaniard in Amsterdam

PodcastThe football business after the Superliga and the Spanish piggy bank: how to invest accumulated savings?

PodcastThe Wine Fraud: How to avoid being bullied?

Can you distinguish a fake wine?

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