A brewery in Colorado (United States) recently marketed a deliberately undrinkable beer.

To develop this excruciating tasting drink, New Belgium Brewing resorted to low-quality ingredients, comparable to what brewers might one day be forced to use in a few years, says ABC.

The objective is indeed to warn about the consequences of global warming.

A beer that tastes like torched earth to show the effect of climate change.

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A depressing future

The American company wanted to give a concrete example of how the phenomenon could ultimately have an impact on the beer sector.

The drink called Torched Earth (Burnt Earth, in French) was manufactured under the conditions that professionals would encounter "in a future with a ravaged climate", specifies the New Belgium Brewing site.

Brewers said they used water exposed to smoke instead of clean water.

They also replaced natural malt and hops with artificial extracts from these grains.

The makers of Torched Earth also added dandelion to it.

The creation of disgusting beer is part of the “Drink sustainably” program.

Solidarity action

The Torched Earth is sold for $ 39.99 (around 33 euros) per set of eight boxes of 47 centiliters.

The profits generated by the sales will be donated to Protect Our Winters, an association campaigning for laws protecting the environment from global warming.

"We brewed this beer to make think the 70% of the 500 richest American companies which have not yet put in place a real climate strategy [...] before it is too late", indicated the persons in charge of New Belgium Brewing.


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