It's like a

James Bond movie: New York



are in danger of gas shortages because a group of cybercriminals - calling themselves, in the most filmic way possible, the

Dark Side,

or 'Dark Side' - have stolen 100 gigabytes of data from the company that manages the pipeline through which

a third of the gasoline in the US


and they will not return it unless they are paid an indeterminate amount of money.

That's the story behind the US



to remove restrictions on the road transport of gasoline and other flammable liquids derived from petroleum after the brutal cyberattack against the

Colonial pipeline,

which carries 31% of the country's gasoline. and 45% of that consumed on the East Coast, where the cities of

New York, Boston, Washington and Atlanta are located,

among others.

As a consequence, the Colonial network,

8,850 kilometers long

- a distance greater than the one that separates


from the capital of

Colombia, Bogotá

-, which runs from the

Gulf of Mexico,

where the vast majority of the country's refineries are located, to New York City, has been rendered useless by the online attack.

For now, in the futures market,

gasoline has already risen 3%,

reaching the highest levels since May 2018.

Route of the pipeline.

The attack occurred on Thursday, and is of the type called


That means that cybercriminals broke into Colonial's system, stole data, stored it on computers and servers, and now threaten to disclose it if they do not receive an unspecified amount of money.

Colonial's four main pipelines have been

completely out of service since Friday,

although the company has announced that it has managed to reactivate some second-level connections.


Department of Energy,



and other state units are collaborating with Colonial to try to stop the

Dark Side



prevent an energy crisis

in the eastern United States.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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