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Belgian Prime Minister is committed to summer festivals, but they are not yet calculating themselves rich.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo thinks that larger festivals can be organized again in the second half of the summer,

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Major music festivals such as Pukkelpop and Tomorrowland will only count themselves rich if the Belgian government has laid down the conditions for this on Tuesday.

Belgian experts are concerned about the pull of festivals during the corona crisis.

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RIVM is researching

the long-term effectiveness of

corona vaccines

RIVM will start on Monday with a major study into the long-term effectiveness of the various corona vaccines in the Netherlands. Its purpose is to gain insight into the extent to which vaccines provide protection and how long this protection lasts in all age groups.

It is also being examined whether and to what extent the vaccines offer protection against new variants of the virus. Anyone who lives in the Netherlands and is between 18 and 85 years old can participate in the study, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment announced.

According to the institute, it has never happened before that the entire population is quickly invited to receive newly developed vaccines against a new virus.

The study will follow 50,000 Dutch people for 5 years.

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Lung fund: many people not yet fully at work after corona

Three quarters of a group of more than 1,800 people who have had corona, are not yet fully at work after the infection. The majority of them (95 percent) still feel bad three months to a year after the first complaints, reports the Lung Fund after a poll of 1,864 people with long-term complaints.

The most common symptoms are fatigue, loss of concentration and shortness of breath. "The impact of corona on the daily life of this group of people is enormous," says Michael Rutgers, director of the Lung Fund. "Long Covid is gradually showing signs of a new chronic disease."

According to the Long Fund, four in ten people are concerned whether they will ever be able to return to full work.

About 65 percent of the people who took part in the survey indicate that they have moderate to severe problems with daily activities such as household chores.

The same percentage experience moderate to severe corona pain.

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Belgian planning bureau: 124,000 life years lost due to corona

In 2020, a total of 124,000 life years were lost in Belgium due to the corona pandemic. The Belgian planning bureau has calculated this according to

La Libre Belgique

. This means that an average of 7.7 years was lost per corona death.

In 2020 there was an excess of 16,000 deaths in Belgium. The 'years of life lost' are an indicator that indicates to what extent deaths are premature. The number of deaths from a specific cause is multiplied by the life expectancy.

People over 85 are responsible for a third of the 124,000 lost years.

They are responsible for 57 percent of the excess mortality, but their life expectancy is lower than that of a younger victim of corona.

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Romania uses Dracula

's Castle

to increase vaccination

readiness Bran Castle in Romania, better known as Dracula's Castle, was deployed by Romanian authorities this weekend to increase the number of injections in the country. In the Eastern European country, more than 21 percent of all adults have so far received a first shot, dangling Romania at the bottom of the EU ranking in terms of vaccination speed.

Authorities are therefore creatively looking for ways to increase the number of injections quickly. By using Dracula's Castle as a vaccination site, Romania can quickly vaccinate domestic tourists and residents of that region. In addition to the corona peppers, they also receive a free tour of the castle.

VIDEO: 'Dracula's castle' offers Covid vaccines in Romania.This weekend, visitors to Romania's Bran Castle were offered a free tour of "Dracula's torture chamber" and a vaccine jab as authorities look for creative ways to boost the number of people being vaccinated


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British postal company to deliver corona test kits with drones

British postal company Royal Mail is starting a trial to transport corona test kits and other mail items from the British mainland to the Isles of Scilly using drones.

A large and a small unmanned aircraft deliver mail to the sparsely populated archipelago, which is about 45 kilometers off the southwest coast of England, for a month, the British newspaper

The Guardian



The trial is funded by the government and the University of Southampton and several drone companies are involved.

A large, twin-engined drone can carry 100 kilos of mail and is capable of flying in adverse weather conditions, such as fog.

That plane takes the mail from the mainland to the airport of St. Mary on one of the islands.

The smaller drone transports the mail from there to the other islands.

During the test period, the drones mainly transfer corona tests, but also take online orders from retailers.

If the trial is successful, Royal Mail is considering including the drones in the postal network to deliver mail and parcels to remote areas of the country.

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Company doctors struggle with tackling long-term complaints COVID-19

Due to a lack of scientific knowledge about long-term complaints due to COVID-19, company doctors do not always know how to interpret health complaints and which treatment can help. As a result, they have difficulty in properly advising employees with long-term complaints due to the corona virus. This is reported by the Dutch Association of Occupational and Occupational Medicine (NVAB) against KRO-NCRV research 

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The NVAB conducted a poll among more than four hundred company doctors, which shows that 80 percent of them need extra knowledge and substantiation about how to deal with employees who experience long-term complaints due to COVID-19.

A quarter of company doctors experience pressure from the employer to put employees with long-term complaints to work earlier.

Some employers do not recognize or understand the clinical picture.

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