News from our newspaper (Reporter Yang Hailong) The implementation of time-saving, labor-saving, and money-saving "three-province" services for large and medium-sized enterprises, and the implementation of zero door-to-door, zero approval, and zero investment "three zero" services for small and micro enterprises in Harbin urban area. ……Heilongjiang Electric Power Company continues to launch a series of service measures for the convenience of the people and enterprises.

The implementation of these reform measures has benefited from the case-based reforms initiated by the State Grid in response to the Harbin Li brothers case.

  Li Wei, the former deputy general manager of Harbin Power Supply Company, and Li Tong, former general manager of Harbin Electric Power Industry Group Corporation, relying on the status of public officials of power companies and relying on collective enterprises managed by them to illegally profit by contracting customers’ power projects in violation of regulations and suspected of forced transactions , Extortion, intentional injury, "pornography, gambling, and drugs" and other criminal offences.

In October 2018, the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection initiated an investigation into Li Wei and Li Tong's suspected duty crimes.

In May 2019, Li Wei and Li Tong were expelled from the party, and the State Grid Harbin Power Supply Company terminated their labor contracts.

In March 2021, the two were sentenced to death, suspended for two years.

  "The case exposed Heilongjiang Electric Power Company and Harbin Electric Power Company's inadequate implementation of the'two responsibilities' in strict governance of the party, over-emphasizing the economic functions of collective enterprises, and ignoring their political attributes. In particular, there is the problem of negligence in selecting and appointing people. Li After Wei was appointed as the deputy general manager of the Harbin Power Supply Company, his brother Li Tong took over as the general manager of the Industrial Group Company, which seriously violated the company’s appointment avoidance system." The relevant person in charge of the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Group of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Grid Corporation of China Speaking to reporters, after the case occurred, the disciplinary inspection and supervision team analyzed the cause in a timely manner, and simultaneously carried out disciplinary accountability and case-based reforms.

  In response to the problems exposed in the case, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the State Grid Corporation of China supervised the Heilongjiang Electric Power Company to investigate management loopholes and systematically implement rectification measures.

Interview with heads of marketing and industry departments of the headquarters, promote the implementation of measures such as deepening the reform of collective enterprises, improving the internal control and compliance system of collective enterprises, and launching special rectification activities for prominent problems in the marketing field that infringe on the interests of customers, and actively promote the solution of the power consumption problems of the masses, and continue to improve The level of power supply service and customer complaints have dropped significantly.

In 2019 and 2020, customer complaints decreased by 50% and 25% year-on-year respectively. In the first quarter of 2021, customer complaints decreased by 51.1% year-on-year.

  The State Grid has once again clarified the system-wide regulations that “leaders are not allowed to work in the same headquarters with their relatives”, and carried out codes of conduct, clean-up and rectification of business-run enterprises for their spouses, children and their spouses, and eliminated the company’s business scope and affiliated enterprises. The violation of the rules of doing business and running a business.

  In addition, the State Grid carried out special rectification of customer business expansion projects throughout the system, and comprehensively investigated the "three designations" and service irregularities in the business expansion report system standards, business processes, and customer project management.

At the same time, promote the reform and standardized management of collective enterprises, incorporate collective enterprises in the system into the company's comprehensive risk management and internal control management system, improve the economic responsibility audit system for the person in charge of collective enterprises, and resolutely plug loopholes and prevent risks.

On this basis, strengthen supervision and enforcement of discipline and accountability in key areas, seriously investigate and deal with corruption in areas such as project construction, marketing services, and material bidding, and strictly investigate and deal with violations of discipline and law such as reliance on enterprises, related transactions, and transfer of interests.

Continue to promote the "online state network" and "sunshine industry expansion" construction, with the help of information technology to reduce links, improve efficiency, and prevent and control the risks of clean government.