India records new cases of "black mold"

India Today magazine, citing the Department of Medical Education and Studies in India, said that against the background of the worsening spread of Covid, an increasing number of cases of Mucormycosis began to be recorded.

 This rare fungal infection affects the sinuses or lungs after inhaling fungi bacteria, and is often found in rooms, damp surfaces, soil, and rotting plants, vegetables and fruits.

The administration stated that this fungal infection is most often diagnosed in people with Covid who have recently recovered from it.

And experts confirm that, after connecting the patient with Covid, to the artificial respirator, the chances of infection with this fungal infection increase.

For example, in the Indian state of Gujarat, 40 cases of "black rot" infection have been diagnosed in the past two weeks, and some patients have lost their eyesight.

And local media reported, that at least eight people in Maharashtra remained alive after infection with Corona, but they died after being infected with the mucous fungus.

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