Washington (AFP)

Guest on Saturday night of the American satirical comedy show SNL (Saturday Night Live), Elon Musk, the whimsical boss of Tesla and SpaceX, tried, in vain, to send the Dogecoin cryptocurrency "to the moon".

Highly anticipated for this humorous live meeting, the controversial multi-billionaire, a big believer in cryptocurrencies, did not fail to rent Dogecoin again, a digital currency initially created as a joke, which he helped to legitimize in his tweets.

During a sketch where we keep asking the question "what is Dogecoin?", Elon Musk ends up answering: "it is an unstoppable financial vehicle that will conquer the world".

And to add enthusiastically: "forward to the Moon!".

SNL's unusual guest performance, however, did not send the price of Dogecoin to the moon, which fell 5 cents on the show to close around 55 cents.

The 49-year-old mogul, whose announcement of participation in the cult comedy show had raised a semblance of controversy, played the game.

He introduced himself, dressed all in black, as "the first person with Asperger's syndrome to be a guest on SNL ... or at least to admit it."

He who had minimized the coronavirus, tried to redeem himself by saying that "the masks made sense".

He refrained from smoking a joint live, recalling that he was criticized for having done so in a podcast.

Disguised as Wario, the enemy of the hero of the Super Mario video game, Elon Musk assured "not to be evil but only misunderstood".

The founder of SpaceX also showed a dark humor by sending an astronaut to Mars to whom he asserts that he "will not survive this mission" and whose head explodes in the helmet live on the screens of Times Square.

And in a Chinese rocket spike whose uncontrolled return to earth on Saturday night released debris in the Indian Ocean, the hosts of the show wondered: "but why is Elon Musk the guest of the show Now we know, he needed an alibi! "


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