These days pass heavy for Jerusalem and the Jerusalemites who woke up today after horrific scenes that they lived last night due to the confrontations that broke out inside Al-Aqsa, in which the mosque was transformed over the course of 3 hours into a battlefield, in addition to the clashes that erupted in Bab al-Amud (one of the gates of the Old City) and in the neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah.

Jerusalemites and researchers in Jerusalem affairs are unanimously agreed that what happened in Al-Aqsa last night was carefully planned by Israel.

With the aim of emptying Al-Aqsa Mosque from the retreat to make room for extremists to storm it quietly next Monday, on the occasion of the so-called "unification of Jerusalem" day.

Al-Maqdisi researcher Khaled Odeh Allah wrote, “Things in Jerusalem have gone out of the control of the occupation, and he will retreat and ask for calm through the endowments under the name of“ preserving calm ”in Al-Aqsa Mosque. Realistic and achievable goals with the current balance of power.

But many do not know when the day of "the unification of Jerusalem"?

Why did the extremist temple groups mobilize their supporters for about a month to storm Al-Aqsa on this occasion?

The Israelis consider the "Jerusalem Unification Day" a national holiday to commemorate the completion of the occupation's control over the city of Jerusalem, and the occupation of the eastern part of it, especially the Old City, during the 1967 war.

The day of the unification of Jerusalem is punctuated by anti-Islam and anti-Arab slogans (Al-Jazeera Net)

Provocation and orgy

Since the morning hours, hundreds of settlers annually begin to flock to the Old City in occupied Jerusalem to participate in the "Flag Dance" march, reaching the climax of the celebrations at the end of the day with the participation of tens of thousands of settlers in the march, which is interspersed with chanting anti-Islam and Arab slogans, in addition to their acts of orgy and provocation Residents and merchants of the Old City, who receive an order from the Israeli Police every year to close their shops, to disclaim their responsibility for any damages.

The march is directly affected by 35,000 Jerusalemites who live inside the walls of the Old City, as the police prevented them on that day from moving to and from their homes.

It is expected that 30,000 settlers will participate in the "Flag Dance" march on Monday, which is the most prominent celebration of this day. The march will start in the afternoon in front of the Maman Allah cemetery, west of the Old City, with the participants gathering there, and walking towards the Damascus Gate, where the most prominent Palestinian confrontations and protests against This ceremonial.

Regarding the official preparations for the Israeli police for this year, it announced that it would close the Damascus Gate until 7:30 in the evening in front of the Arabs under the pretext of preventing friction, and in light of the security tension in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The police also announced that 3,000 policemen would be deployed in the city, and that lessons had been learned from the Jabal al-Jarman incident that killed dozens of Israelis a few days ago, and thus the number of settlers who would enter the Al-Buraq Wall to celebrate would be reduced.

As for the extremist temple groups' preparations for this day, Abdullah Maarouf, a professor of Jerusalem studies at Istanbul May 29 University and a former media and public relations official at Al-Aqsa Mosque, said that with the arrival of these groups in the last elections to the Knesset to 7 seats, in addition to the presence of 10 Other seats for supporters from other parties;

It has a powerful force in the Knesset, with 17 seats.

Temple groups want to install an equation based on the superiority of the Jewish consideration over the Islamic in Al-Aqsa (Al-Jazeera Net)

Articulated celebration

Consequently, these groups see that the celebration of the Day of "the Unification of Jerusalem" this year is a pivotal event and an irreplaceable golden opportunity to impose their vision on Jerusalem, and to implement what the Israeli governments have not been able to implement over the long years of the conflict in Jerusalem.

In his interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Maarouf added that these groups want a different intrusion into Al-Aqsa this year, accompanied by a complete change of the status quo by imposing the right of collective public prayer for the Jews.

"They want to install a new equation in Al-Aqsa, whose title is the superiority of the Jewish consideration over the Islamic in the issue of religious rights and presence in Al-Aqsa, in order to establish a new reality under the title that Al-Aqsa is a sacred Jew first.

Maarouf described this as very dangerous because it clearly indicates the intention of the occupation to fully control the mosque, and it is possible that this year’s celebration will be a fulcrum and a turning point in the history of the conflict over the city and the holy sites.

The Israelis consider the "unification of Jerusalem" day a national holiday to commemorate the completion of the occupation's control over the city of Jerusalem (Al Jazeera Net)

To coincide with the occasion of Ramadan 28, Maarouf indicated that this is of great importance to the extremist temple groups, because it comes at a time when Israel has not yet been able to impart the image it wants to Jerusalem as "the capital of Israel", as Jerusalem is supposed to be a city. Judaism and this is not achieved in the visual space of the city.

"Jerusalem clearly shows that it is an Arab, Islamic, Christian city, and there is nothing in it to indicate that it is the capital of the occupation state. The extremist groups see this as indicating the weakness and failure of the Zionist project in Jerusalem and want to strengthen their presence in Al-Aqsa with this memory."

Despite the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque yesterday with the aim of intimidating and emptying the worshipers to prepare the place for the incursions of extremists on next Monday, who may number up to two thousand intruders; The Palestinians are still crawling from all regions towards Al-Aqsa to mark the Night of Power and to observe the i'tikaaf to counter the settlers' plans.