The story of a farmer in a rural Belgian village unexpectedly caught up in an'international conflict' is drawing attention.

According to foreign media such as the BBC on the 5th local time, the farmer living in Eheclinne, the border region of Belgium, found a stumbling block while driving a tractor.

The farmer pulled out a stone-shaped stone placed on the border of his farmland and moved it about 2.3m to the outside of the farmland.

Not only was it a very rare place, but I thought that there would be no big deal just because I had to put a couple of steps away from the unknown rock.

But a few weeks later, a group of people walking on the other side of the farmland found a rock. Those who have been observing the rock for a while, seemingly puzzled, have come to this conclusion.

"Someone has changed the border between France and Belgium!"

The savvy people were the inhabitants of Moboge, France, which borders Belgium. The place where the stone block was originally laid was not only the boundary line of the farmland owned by the Belgian farmer, but also

the'border line' between Belgium and France,

and the stone block that the farmer inadvertently moved


a mark

of the



This mark has been in the same place for more than 200 years since France and Belgium established their current borders through the Treaty of Cortrake in 1820. However, when the farmer moved the sign 2.3m to France, the territory of Belgium was slightly enlarged and the territory of France was narrowed by that amount.

As French residents raised the issue, Belgium was unintentionally in a position to violate the Treaty of Cortrake, but the problem is not expected to grow further as regional representatives from both sides, who have identified their own species, agree to smoothly resolve the issue.

"There was never any intention to expand Belgian territory. It's not a serious situation at all," said David Labo, Mayor of Eheclinne, Belgium. "I met the mayor of Moboge, France and laughed together."

"The relationship between our two countries is very good," said Bouge's Mayor Aurely Wellonek.

Mayor Labo said he was going to send an official letter to the farmer to return the mark to where it was.

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(Photo ='David Lavaux','Jean-Pierre Chopin' Facebook)