Xi Jinping: It is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation to be filial at home and loyal to the country.

We must vigorously promote the feelings of family and country in the whole society, cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism, carry forward the spirit of patriotism, collectivism, and socialism, and advocate the unity of loving family and patriotism, so that everyone and every family will be the great Chinese nation. The family makes a contribution.

  This passage comes from Xi Jinping's speech at the 2019 Spring Festival reunion.

  "The self-cultivation leads to the integrity of the family, the family equates to the rule of the country, and the rule of the country leads to the peace of the world." The ancients explained in the article "University" that the country and the family, the society and the individual are inseparable as a whole. Feelings are engraved deep in the hearts of Chinese people.

  The Chinese dream belongs to the country, the nation, and it belongs to every Chinese person and every Chinese family.

We should attach importance to family building, respect the old and love the young, be in harmony with brothers, enjoy the happiness of family, and put the realization of the Chinese dream into reality and by our side.

  Today’s society is changing rapidly. We forget to sleep and eat for work and to make a living, but we must not forget our origins. Don’t forget that our parents worked hard to raise and educate us when we were young, and always cared about us when we were independent.

This kind of love is selfless love.

There are many forms of filial piety, which can be material feedback, companionship, respect, or even just thoughts.

But filial piety must first have a "inch of grass heart".

  "The kind mother has a thread in her hand, and a wanderer's top. Before leaving tightly, I am afraid to return later." Who dares to say that the child's weak filial piety, like Xiaocao, can repay the kind motherly kindness of Chunhui Puze?

In fact, for a mother, it does not matter what form of repayment and how much it can repay. The most important thing is whether the child has that "grass heart".

Rather than greetings in specific festivals, we should integrate our love for mothers and family members into the details of our daily lives.

  (Special expert for this issue: Zou Yuchun, Director of the Research Office of Development Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)