Shortly after five o'clock on Saturday morning, the alarm was received by the police.

One or more perpetrators have entered the premises by breaking a window.

In connection with the burglary, a water pipe has broken, which has caused several of the school's premises to be filled with water.

- It is probably the case that they tried to steal a coffee maker, which was connected to the water pipe, says police spokesman Dennis Johansson Strömberg.

400 square meters

According to the rescue service, about 400 square meters of the school have been flooded.

- We have been there with our vacuum cleaners, but I do not know how big the damage is more than that there has been water on the floor, says Fredrik Hensegård, management operator at the rescue service.

The incident is classified as aggravated vandalism and theft by burglary.

At present, it is unclear what has been stolen and there is also no suspect.