There has been a rumor circulating in the F1 depot this week that Mercedes would be tired of the mediocrity of Valtteri Bottas and would be ready to kick a Finn into the field already in the middle of the season.

His replacement is, as is customary, the British promise George Russell.

On Thursday, Bottas vehemently denied the allegations originally reported by the Daily Mail.

The same was done by teammate Lewis Hamilton.

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Toto Wolff, Mercedes team manager who has been silent until now, finally said his position on the hailstorm on Friday.

Sky Sports World Champion Jenson Button asked the Austrian if Bottas would drive in the stable until the end of the season.

- Absolutely.

He will drive our car if he does not get the flu and is therefore unable to drive, Wolff announced.

The formula director, known for his unwavering speeches, also slammed the worst competitor, Red Bull, just like Bottask on Thursday.

- I see no reason for a change.

They’re these guys [Wolff pointed to the Red Bull crowd] who like to play chair play, so there’s no driver change coming.

Bottas cursed in Friday’s rehearsals for the fastest and second fastest time.

The 31-year-old Finn has been driving Mercedes since 2017, racking up nine wins, 17 pole positions and a total of 49 prize places. Mercedes has won seven consecutive manufacturers ’world championships.