The third wave of Covid-19 continues to affect Europe as more and more French people begin to prepare for their summer vacation.

Invited Saturday morning on Europe 1, the Secretary of State in charge of tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, took stock of what we know for the moment on what it will be possible to do in France, in Europe and elsewhere in the world.


The French are starting to anticipate their summer vacation while the third wave of Covid-19 continues to affect Europe.

Will they be able to leave this year outside the borders of France after a rather blue white red summer 2020?

Invited on Saturday on Europe 1, the Secretary of State in charge of tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, indicates what you need to know to best prepare for your holidays in the months to come.

But the slogan already seems more flexible than last year.

"The French have had to follow many recommendations in recent months to be able to fight against the pandemic so it is not for me to tell them what to do for the holidays," said the Secretary of State.

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Maintain vigilance and caution

Despite everything, he "promotes France and these wonderful territories".

"The French will continue to cultivate their secret garden, we are rediscovering our country with new eyes," he hopes.

"What matters is to be vigilant and cautious during this time."

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The Secretary of State also stresses that travel within the European Union should be facilitated.

"Between Europeans we have worked on this digital certificate which will come into force in June to facilitate travel and put an end to the septaines. All this will be over," he assures us.

"We will be happy to welcome Europeans in the same way that French people will be happy to visit Europe."

In detail, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne specifies that the TousAntiCovid application "will make it possible to show either that you are vaccinated, or that you have a negative PCR test or that you are immunized by the Covid because you have been infected and you have recovered. ".

Countries in green, orange or red outside European borders

"Regarding the countries which are outside the European area, we will work on lists and colors," he adds.

"There will be the green countries, the orange countries and the red countries."

However, this list is not yet available.

For the moment, concerning the countries in green, "there are only five or six" warns Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, "but as and when (the decline of the third wave) it will widen".


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For more information, travelers in preparation can visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or consult the Re-open application, which gives the conditions for each country to be able to go there.