▲ The air force is observing space objects using the electronic optical surveillance system.

It is understood that the ROK-US Air Force expects that the rocket wreckage launched by China into space will fall tomorrow (9th).

According to today's military sources, the ROK-US Air Force expects the rocket wreckage of the Chinese space launch vehicle Changjeong-5B to crash tomorrow morning Korean time, and is tracking it closely.

The crash prediction point was originally analyzed in the South Pacific Ocean near Australia, but it is said that the Gulf of Mexico is also likely to be fluid.

The US Space Command is also tracking the rocket crash site, but it has said that "it cannot be pinpointed until a few hours before re-entry to the atmosphere."

A military source said, "The predicted point of the crash is constantly changing, but the Korean Peninsula is not included," and said, "We are monitoring the situation and sharing information through cooperation between the United States and Korea."

According to the Air Force, the rocket wreckage of the Changjeong-5B is 22.5 tons.

(Photo = courtesy of the Air Force, Yonhap News)