Friday’s eastern snow bomb next week is just a memory.

The weekend is still spent in fairly cool characters.

On Saturday, the rains come as water in the west, as well as in the east with the exception of individual sleet.

On Sunday the weather will be slightly cloudy but will rise by a couple of degrees.

Even on the night between Sunday and Monday, it rains water in the southern and central parts of the country, but after that the rains shift towards the north and the weather changes dramatically.

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Foreca's on-duty meteorologist Anna Latvala tells of the high pressure coming to Finland from the south, bringing with it a warm front.

As a result, the weather warms up several degrees day by day from the beginning of the week.

Latvala says that already on Monday, 15 degrees will be reached in the south and in the central parts of the country.

- On Tuesday we are already close to 20 degrees and on Wednesday even the height of Oulu can be 20 degrees.

According to Latvala, the warmest day next week will be Thursday.

- On Thursday, heat is possible in the south and west locally, Latvala states and reminds that the light limit is 25.1 degrees.

However, it is not yet worth buying beach chairs and new speeds in the hope of longer heat, as Latvala says that the weather will cool down and become more unstable after Thursday.

Still on Friday, temperatures can be 20 degrees in many places, but next weekend’s weekend could be somewhere around 15 ears, meaning any heat will remain on Thursdays.