The EU-European Union and India will hold an online summit to resume negotiations on a suspended free trade agreement and collaborate in areas such as infrastructure and energy with China in mind as it grows more influential in the Indo-Pacific region. Agreed to deepen.

The EU and India held an online summit on the 8th, where President Michelle of the EU and Prime Minister Modi of India discussed strengthening cooperation.

After the meeting, the two sides issued a joint statement, agreeing to resume negotiations on a free trade agreement that has been suspended since 2013 and to deepen cooperation in a wide range of areas such as infrastructure and energy.

The EU wants to expand trade and diversify its supply network of supplies, which has been exposed to its dependence on China due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

The EU also aims to increase its influence in the Indo-Pacific region, where Germany and France are launching a series of strategies to actively engage in the Indo-Pacific region, where China is increasing its influence.

On the other hand, India also aims to attract investment and restrain China by deepening ties with the EU, in addition to the framework of four countries called "quad" called "quad", which has recently strengthened relations. There seems to be.