While Emmanuel Macron had tried to embody voluntarism against Donald Trump, the French president must now deal with the very ambitious measures carried by Joe Biden, particularly welcomed in Europe.

A situation which annoys the President of the Republic a little. 

Between his massive $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan and his support for the lifting of patents on anti-Covid vaccines, Joe Biden's proposals have been in the news for several weeks.

So much so that in Europe, there is even a beginning of "Biden-mania" around the new American president.

A situation that annoys his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron a little. 

A tackle on US taxation

Thus, we should not go too far to seek the latter on the reactions provoked by the announcements of Joe Biden.

Not that the French president disapproves of them ... But he seems to find a little exaggerated the enthusiasm in Europe provoked by the boss of the White House.

While remaining a diplomat, he tackles, for example, the US administration on future tax increases.

"When I look at the taxation of the wealthy and businesses, there is still a long way to go for American tax justice to resemble European tax justice," he said in Porto, where he is on the road. . 


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On the idea of ​​lifting the patents on vaccines against Covid-19, Emmanuel Macron noted that "today, 100% of vaccines produced in the United States go for the American market".

In Europe, he continued, "out of 110 million products, of which we exported 45 and kept 65 ... We are the most generous in the world," he continued.

And it's the same with the US stimulus plan or the climate announcements. 

"It annoys him a lot"

In reality, Emmanuel Macron, who saw himself embodying voluntarism against Donald Trump, finds himself a little caught out with measures now less ambitious than those carried by Joe Biden.

"It annoys him a lot," laughs a relative of the head of state.

But at the Elysee, we deny any presidential annoyance.

"The president recalls the facts," explains his entourage soberly. 

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden have never met before.

The two men are expected to meet in June at the next G7 in the United Kingdom.

The opportunity, perhaps, to relaunch their dialogue.