Achern (AP) - A very drunk driver raced his car at almost 200 kilometers per hour on the Autobahn 5 in Baden-Württemberg and endangered numerous people.

He drove close to other vehicles over a distance of about 40 kilometers, accelerated and then overtook, as the police announced on Saturday night.

He also drove serpentines.

Other road users had to swerve or brake to avoid an accident.

Officials finally checked the man on Friday evening in a parking lot near Achern (Ortenaukreis).

They also found empty bottles in the car.

It was a "colorful mix" of liquor and beer bottles.

The spokesman did not comment on the exact alcohol level and the age of the man.

According to the information, the driver had to hand in his driver's license.

He is being investigated.

Witnesses and people who were endangered by the man should report to the police.


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