Dortmund / Siegen (dpa / lnw) - During a demonstration by anti-fascist groups in Dortmund, police forces were attacked by several people.

Two participants threw bottles out of the crowd at the officers on Saturday, as the police announced on Saturday evening.

In another case, a protester hit a police officer with a stick.

Two people were taken into custody as suspects.

A baton was also used to prevent “further violence”, as it was said.

A total of about 310 people took part in the meeting on Wilhelmplatz.

Later around 250 demonstrators took part in a spontaneous elevator from the Dorstfeld district through the Union district to the north market.

It was said that there were disruptions in road traffic.

Otherwise the elevator ended peacefully in the early evening.

On the fringes of the demonstration, the police also had to push back a group of right-wing extremists.

A police officer was assaulted.

In another case it would be about insult.

It said that both suspects from the right-wing extremist spectrum are being investigated.


According to the police, around 650 people took part in another demonstration in Siegen under the motto "Siegen gegen Rechts" (Siegen gegen Rechts).

According to the information, this was peaceful.

There was also a rally by the extreme right-wing extremist party “The Third Way” in Siegen.

Corona violations were found there in isolated cases.

Those affected expect a fine procedure.

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