Berlin (dpa / bb) - Up to 27 degrees on Sunday?

With the expected summer weather, pollen allergy sufferers have to be prepared for increasing pollen count.

"We will probably get a heavy load of birch pollen in Berlin and Brandenburg for the last time this year," said Matthias Werchan from the German Pollen Information Service Foundation of the German Press Agency.

It is, so to speak, the birch's “last stand” - expected especially for Sunday and Monday.

In Berlin, the birch has largely faded, but the remaining stocks in Brandenburg are still causing a noticeable burden in the capital. "Brandenburg has a tremendous influence on Berlin," said Werchan. In the neighboring federal state, the birch, with its highly allergenic pollen, started relatively late this year because of the long-lasting cold. "In Berlin we have more of a heat island effect, which led to an earlier start of flowering."

Pollen analyst Werchan also expects peak loads from plane trees, to which some people in cities have had an allergic reaction.

The season is now beginning for oaks and beeches, and the pollen information service initially expects only low levels of exposure to grasses.

The flowering of the ash trees, however, is mostly over, said Werchan.

All in all, there were only a few days with peak loads in pollen counts this spring.

“The season for birch and ash has not been particularly strong so far.

There was a lack of good pollen flow conditions. "


Pollen is actually harmless.

The sensitized immune system of allergy sufferers switches to defense when pollen comes into contact with the mucous membranes: watery, itchy eyes, sneezing attacks and severe runny nose are possible consequences.

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