[Rural Revitalization] 28 players planted rice seedlings in the "Beidacang" competition

  On May 7, a rice planting competition was held in the rice field of the 859 Farm of the Sanjiang Branch of Beidahuang Group.

28 contestants from 14 management areas competed in modern rice planting in the rice fields.

  The competition site was conducted in teams of two. While ensuring the efficiency of planting seedlings, the contestants completed planting in strict accordance with the "early, dense, shallow, upright, upright, full, uniform, and supporting" characters to complete the planting in accordance with the mechanical proficiency, The six aspects of operation speed, straightness of seedlings, planting depth, regularity of landing lines, and error of combined row spacing are the content of the competition.

  With the start of the competition, the prelude to the construction of the Sanjiang paddy field for planting rice seedlings was opened. The 859 Farm of the Sanjiang Branch of the Beidahuang Group is located in the Sanjiang Plain, the main grain producing area in my country. The Sanjiang Plain is called "Beidacang" and has become my country An important national commodity grain base and strategic grain reserve base with the largest scale of arable land, the highest degree of modernization, and the strongest comprehensive production capacity.

(Li Jiangming)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】