Overseas Network, May 8th. The epidemic in India is severe. According to Taiwan media reports, 6 people from the “Taiwan Representative Office in India” have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.

A person familiar with the matter said that prior to the incident, the "representative office" did not implement the anti-epidemic system of splitting to work, which triggered the spread of the epidemic, and this incident also caused dissatisfaction with the public opinion on the island.

  According to news from Taiwan’s United News Network on the 7th, among the 6 people who have been diagnosed, there are 2 “overseas” personnel from the Taiwan authorities and 4 employees. One of them is a severely ill patient.

In addition, 20 people from Taiwan have been diagnosed in India.

Regarding the failure of the “representative office” to implement the anti-epidemic system of splitting to work, Taiwan’s foreign affairs department only stated that the “representative office” personnel were “busy in business” during the epidemic, and there were many business operations, and the splitting to work system was basically implemented after infection.

  The infection of Taiwanese nationals has also made public opinion on the island dissatisfied with the handling of Taiwan's foreign affairs departments.

A person familiar with the matter recently interviewed by the "United Daily News" stated that the Taiwan foreign affairs department said that the so-called "diversion to work" statement was "not true." The employees of the "representative office" are still required to go to work, even working overtime on weekends.

  In addition, many people in the "representative office" experienced physical discomfort after being vaccinated in April. All kinds of conditions put the "expatriate" personnel under tremendous physical and mental stress. Earlier, they asked the senior officials of the "representative office" whether they could return to Taiwan and get the money. The answer turned out to be "wash your hands frequently and spray more alcohol."

The source said that the ruthless answer from the top made them feel desperate.

(Overseas Net Wu Qian)