China News Service, Beijing, May 8th (Reporter Zhang Su) May 8th is "World Red Cross Day". The reporter learned from the China Red Cross Foundation that it will gradually promote it in campuses, public places, communities, scenic spots and other places. "Red Cross emergency rescue machine".

  The "Red Cross Emergency Medical Device" was developed by the Red Foundation of China. It is an emergency medical device that integrates AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), first aid kit, and interactive large screen.

  The relevant person in charge of the Red Foundation introduced that the equipment provides the public with convenient services such as finding, navigating, calling for help, and learning of first aid knowledge through environment creation and IoT technology application. At the same time, it provides AED inspections and consumables early warning for equipment managers. , Use monitoring, log management and other convenient remote management functions.

  The person in charge said that in recent years, the public's awareness of emergency care has been increasing, and the public has shown a strong demand for the configuration and popularization of emergency care equipment such as AEDs.

The "Red Cross Emergency Response Machine" not only has built-in first aid equipment, but also scrolls the video of first aid knowledge to guide more members of the public to learn first aid, learn first aid, and dare to rescue.

  Up to now, the National Red Cross System has set up more than 11,000 AEDs in public places and used AEDs to rescue 67 cases, of which 35 cases were successfully rescued.

  "There is a'life-saving artifact', but also a'life-saving skill'. Improve the first aid awareness, first-aid knowledge and skills of the whole people, so that the public can use and dare to use AED, so as to maximize the efficiency of the role of first-aid equipment." China Red Cross Sun Shuopeng, member of the party group and vice chairman of the association, said that the promotion of the "Red Cross emergency rescue machine" will also continuously improve the public's health awareness and self-help and mutual rescue capabilities.