The unguarded railway crossing at Zenderen (Overijssel) is immediately closed by the municipality.

The reason for this is that another "near-accident" took place on Thursday before witnesses, ProRail reports Friday.

On 7 March, another 21-year-old Hengeloër was killed at the Het Vlier level crossing in Zenderen when he was caught by a freight train with his delivery van.

The van was dragged hundreds of meters.

Now that it almost went wrong again on Thursday, ProRail gave the municipality the urgent advice to close Het Vlier immediately.

The level crossing in Zenderen (municipality of Borne) has no warning signals and barriers.

On Friday, a double row of gates were placed on both sides, preventing traffic from passing.

ProRail has been working on securing or removing all 180 unguarded level crossings for some time, because they entail dangerous situations.

The cabinet allocated 25 million euros for this last summer.

Today, ProRail and the municipality of Borne immediately closed the dangerous, unsecured level crossing 'Het Vlier' in Zenderen.

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Avatar Author ProRail Moment of places 16:44 - May 7, 2021