Erfurt (dpa / th) - Thuringia's tax investigators tracked down evaded taxes amounting to almost 17 million euros last year.

The sum was requested for the state treasury, as the Ministry of Finance announced on Friday.

The inspectors were out for 335 inspections in the first year of the corona pandemic.

Compared to 2019, both the number of controls and the amount of taxes collected as a result fell slightly.

At that time, the tax investigators had provided the state treasury with additional income of around 24.3 million euros, there were 414 controls.

For tax offenses, the courts imposed prison sentences totaling 45 years and ten months in 2020, according to the ministry.

The fines imposed added up to a total of around 662,000 euros.

In 2020, the tax offices also received around 920,000 euros from monetary requirements and fines.

The tax investigators take action if the tax authorities discover incomplete or incorrect information in tax returns and there is a suspicion of tax evasion.

In these cases, the investigators have police powers and can search business and private premises and confiscate objects by order of a judge.


The vast majority of people in Thuringia pay their taxes on time and properly, said Finance Minister Heike Taubert (SPD).

The fact that the tax offices track down and punish tax evasion is “necessary and valuable” in the interests of the common good and tax justice.

Taubert wants to present the tax investigation's balance sheet in detail on Tuesday after the cabinet meeting.

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