China Overseas Chinese Network, May 8-According to a report compiled by the European Times, Agence France-Presse reported that there are still six weeks before the French high school graduation exam. Education Minister Blanche announced that in view of the impact of the epidemic on teaching, the exam will be adjusted.

Philosophy final exams are held as planned, but the better ones are selected from the average scores of final exam scores and usual tests as the final graduation results; the main task of the high school graduation exam reform is maintained-large oral exams, but the difficulty is reduced to a certain extent.

  Blanche said that taking into account the impact of the epidemic on learning, "in the end, a relatively good score will be selected between the final exam and the usual test as the final score."

"Many students usually have poor test scores, and some of them need to pass the final exam to raise their scores to pass. Maintaining the exam is a chance for them."

  For several weeks, the Federation of High School Students has been demanding the cancellation of philosophy exams and large-scale oral exams this year as the epidemic continues.

Blanche said that he could make adjustments to the high school graduation test, but he refused to use his usual test scores as graduation scores.

  In order to curb the spread of the new crown virus, French high schools have no regular classes since November last year. Half of the students take turns to attend classes at school, and half of them take classes remotely at home.

Blanche said: "Although we have ensured that elementary, middle and high schools are open throughout the year or partly, the teaching work is indeed abnormal, so it is normal to make adjustments to the graduation examination."

  As for the highlight of the reform of the high school graduation examination for the first time-the large-scale oral examination, Blanche also said that he insisted on holding it; "This examination is set up because we have to learn how to demonstrate, how to listen to the opinions of others, and clearly express that it is students Basic abilities that must be mastered".

  However, large-scale oral examinations have also been adjusted.

In the first part of the test takers’ general presentation, they can use the notes they took during the 20-minute preparation.

When the second part of the review team asks questions and candidates answer, candidates can submit a written material signed by the professional teacher and the school in advance, stating which content of the syllabus has not been taught.

  According to the reforms introduced by Blanche, the usual test scores accounted for 82% of the final high school graduation scores, and the philosophy final exam scores and the large-scale oral test scores accounted for 18% of the final scores.

(Wang Jian)