Certain countries of the European Union, very dependent on tourism, have put themselves in working order to be able to welcome travelers as soon as possible.

Beyond the simple reopening, devices are designed so that tourists can circulate serenely.

Major European destinations are preparing to welcome travelers again.

It is also the race to try to attract as many people as possible.

Several countries are setting up reopening mechanisms intended to secure travel or have focused their vaccination against Covid on areas and people most exposed to the influx of tourists.

For some countries, especially in southern Europe, tourism represents a significant part of the economy and they cannot afford to miss the summer season. 


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Reopenings and health certificate

Everywhere, quarantines are being reduced, restrictions on movement between regions are lifted.

The land border between Spain and Portugal has been reopened for a week already.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has promised that from May 15, the doors of his country will reopen to visitors.

There will be no more quarantine but Rome wants to establish a health certificate before the rest of Europe.

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It is indeed the countries of the South who wanted its rapid implementation.

It must facilitate travel, simplify the life of authorities and travelers by avoiding language problems for documents.

This means no more doubts about the reliability of PCR tests or vaccines.

Trials begin in a week.

The system is advertised as technically ready on June 1 and going into effect in the second half of next month.

Professionals and tourist areas more vaccinated in some countries

These measures are considered inevitable because no one wants a failed second season.

The economic consequences would be too heavy.

Croatia, it has vaccinated in priority those who work in tourism.

Indeed, the sector weighs more than 20% of its GDP.


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In the same vein, Greece has vaccinated en masse in the islands to give confidence to travelers.

The objective is to offer the most serene possible holidays in order to attract as many people as possible.