Xi Jinping Jintao of China, IOC = International Olympic Committee of Bach chairman and 7 days, and talks on the phone, along with the show the self-confidence to be held on schedule in the winter of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic next year, to support the holding of the Tokyo tournament I showed my thoughts.

And it depends on the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Xi Jinping Jintao in this, explains that it is advancing steadily prepared as China for the winter of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic next year, showed the confidence to be held on schedule.

In addition, President Xi said he would continue to support the Tokyo Games in cooperation with the IOC, and expressed his intention to strengthen cooperation on the vaccine for the new coronavirus.

In response, Chairman Bach said he supported the Beijing Games and "opposed the political issue of the Olympics."

Regarding the holding of the Beijing Games, there are also movements calling for boycotts from human rights groups and parts of the United States that consider the human rights situation in China as a problem, and China is also aiming to appeal cooperation with the IOC and restrain such movements. There seems to be.