China Overseas Chinese Network, May 8th, according to the Argentine Huaren website, on May 7, local time, Argentine President Fernandez announced that minors aged 14 and under will be included in the food card assistance to cover more than 2.5 million families.

At the same time, it severely criticized the price makers and the wealthiest class in the country.

In addition, he also announced that the subsidy will be increased, that is, families with one child will get 6,000 pesos, families with two children will get 9,000 pesos, and families with three or more children will get 12,000 pesos.

  Fernandez said: "We will continue to provide assistance and unite to rescue those who are in poverty; we will continue to cooperate with entrepreneurs to enable them to continue to invest and provide jobs, so that they can earn reasonable profits."

  It is understood that the previous assistance was limited to families with children aged 6 and under. After this expansion of assistance, the number of beneficiaries will increase from 1.9 million to 3.7 million, and the number of beneficiary families will increase from 1.5 million to 250. Million.

  The Ministry of Social Development of Argentina explained that the country will increase its investment in the project from 10 billion pesos a month to 30 billion pesos.

(Huang Dong)