Oldenburg (dpa / lni) - The Verdi union wants to make pressure in the collective bargaining round for the retail trade with a special campaign today in Oldenburg.

There, an oversized shopping cart is to be set up in a central place to support the demand for better payment.

"The wages and salaries in the Lower Saxony / Bremen tariff area are significantly behind other tariff areas," said Arne Brix from the union.

The employees in the trade are the ones who generate the company's sales and profits.

Verdi is demanding 4.5 percent more wages and salaries for retail workers in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

In addition, there should be a surcharge of 45 euros per month, and the training allowance should increase by 100 euros per month.

Furthermore, the union is going into the upcoming collective bargaining round with the demand for a minimum pensionable salary of 12.50 euros.


The collective agreement for the approximately 320,000 retail employees in Lower Saxony and the 27,000 retail employees in Bremen was terminated on April 30, 2021.

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