, Berlin, May 7th Helsinki News: The Chinese Embassy in Finland issued a message on the 6th to remind compatriots to prevent fake embassies and consulates abroad and telephone telecommunications fraud.

  The Chinese Embassy in Finland wrote in the notice that recently, many overseas Chinese and students in Finland received fraudulent calls. The fraudsters displayed the dialing number as the phone number of the embassy through the Internet phone and claimed to be a staff member of the Chinese embassy abroad. It is said that the victim needs to register during the epidemic period, or documents such as visas, residence cards, passports are waiting to be received or there are domestic affairs that need to be processed, and the victims are required to provide account information or pay relevant fees.

The Chinese Embassy in Finland has issued a reminder to warn against telecommunications fraud that fakes the name and phone number of the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad.

In view of the current situation, hereby solemnly remind again:

  First, the Chinese Embassy in Finland will not notify Chinese compatriots by telephone that there is a domestic case that needs to be handled, and it will not ask the receiver to call back any phone number for further contact.

Don't believe any requests for bank cards and other personal financial information in the name of the Chinese Embassy in Finland, calls and emails for transfers or remittances, etc.

  Second, the Chinese Embassy in Finland will not call the parties to notify the parties that their passports have expired and need to be renewed or reissued, and that they need to pay related fees or fines through transfers, and will not ask anyone for personal bank cards or account information over the phone.

  Third, do not disclose your name, address, family situation, ID card, bank account and other personal information to strangers on the phone.

When the caller requests "Don't contact family and friends to ensure their safety", or makes other unreasonable suggestions, you should immediately expose the other party's fraudulent tactics.

If you receive a phone call from a stranger informing you of "traffic accident", "child kidnapped", "accidental death of relatives", "diseases found in China", etc., you must calm down and deal with the situation after verifying the situation through other channels.

Even if the embassy or consulate informs the parties of the above-mentioned emergencies by phone in an emergency, it will not talk about bank accounts, transfers, etc.

  If you receive a phone call or email that is suspected of fraud, you must be vigilant. It is recommended to call back for identification (the call back is a busy tone) or directly call the police.

If you have any questions, you can verify it through the contact information provided on the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Finland.

If you are unfortunately deceived, you should report the case to the Finnish police in time and at the same time to the domestic public security organs (call 110 in the country).

  Finnish police number: 112

  Hotline of the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 0086-10-12308/59913991

  Consular protection telephone of the Embassy in Finland: 00358-408677838 (mobile phone) (end)