Marseilles (AFP)

"I am a candidate for the presidential majority, the presidential majority will be represented in the first round" of regional elections in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, Secretary of State Sophie Cluzel insisted on France Info on Friday.

Five days ago Prime Minister Jean Castex had yet announced the withdrawal from his list and Ms. Cluzel then assured that it would appear on that of Renaud Muselier, the outgoing LR president of the region.

There followed a psychodrama around these regions and a crisis within the Republicans.

Regretting that Jean Castex's response to "the outstretched hand of Renaud Muselier" had "unleashed some male egos" in the Parisian staff of the Republicans, the Secretary of State for the disabled indicated that at this stage her list is open "to all democratic and progressive forces".

"The presidential majority will be represented in the first round, that will not change, (...) I want this to be very clear," insisted Ms. Cluzel, specifying that her list would not necessarily be reserved for Walkers.

"It is always open my list, to all the democratic and progressive forces who want to work with their skills", she explained, recalling that in the presidential majority "there is the right "but also" people from the center right, the center left and the left ".

"Today, Renaud Muselier carries a list, but I tell you that the presidential majority will be represented", she added: "I speak with Christian Estrosi, I speak with Hubert Falco, as with all the people of the civil society who joined me, "she insisted, referring to the mayors of Nice and Toulon who announced this week their departure from the Republicans.

Asked about the condition posed by Mr. Muselier, who explained earlier this week that she could join him on her list if she left the government, Ms. Cluzel insisted that it was "against her DNA to pose exclusion conditions ":" I am not asking anyone for conditions to enter my list ", she insisted, recalling that" these conditions were set by the Parisian apparatchiks "of the Republicans.

Asked about her position before the second round of the Regionals on June 20 and 27, Ms. Cluzel repeated that she was in favor of "a total blockade of the National Front": "We will all be standing against this party of national division" , she said, about the National Rally, refusing to speak of "withdrawal" from its list between the two rounds.

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