Recently, a group of new equipment and domestically-made wheeled infantry fighting vehicles were ushered in by a brigade of the 75th Army of the Army. In order to welcome these "new comrades", the officers and soldiers organized a solemn tank installation ceremony.

  The new wheeled infantry fighting vehicles are neatly arranged, and the officers and soldiers are neatly lined up and in vigor, welcoming the "new comrades" in the most solemn way.

  It is understood that this type of vehicle has good maneuverability and strong firepower, and is one of the main equipment of the army's rapid response force.

It can be used to implement rapid deployment and control domains. Under the coordination of multiple arms, it can effectively respond to multiple security threats, perform diversified military missions, and have all-weather combat capabilities, enabling the brigade to realize the transformation from old wheeled chariots to new types. The transformation of digital wheeled chariots has improved the overall combat capability.

  With an order from the examiner, the first combat shooting examination began.

The reference vehicle group needs to drive the equipment to the shooting area, complete the preparations before shooting independently, and adopt the method of shooting while on the move or short-stop shooting, quickly find the target to be captured, calculate the set elements, choose the type of bomb, and control the shooting timing. Perform fire strikes on targets of different nature in the target area.

  It is understood that in order to ensure that the new equipment can quickly form combat effectiveness after the new equipment is installed, the brigade immediately established a professional backbone training team, and actively invited factory experts to teach in the camp, and set up a team of coaches to gather intelligence and conduct training. Research and tackle difficult problems.

The various preparations carried out before the training laid a solid foundation for the good results achieved by the first live ammunition after entering the ranks.

(Qin Quan, Yang Junhan, Fu Chengliang, video source from a brigade of the 75th Army of the Army)

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]