“I always start my morning with my own routine of good mood and well-being.

I wake up at seven o’clock, drink a glass of water, and schedule my smart watch for 15 to 20 minutes for an asah exercise.

Asahi is a health exercise developed in Finland that combines slow movement and meditation.

I wake my body gently by moving my hands at the pace of breathing: I raise my arms from the side up by inhaling and lowering by exhaling.

I wave my hands casually from side to side and open my chest.

The smartwatch on my wrist notifies me when it’s time to stop.

When I started using the smartwatch at the turn of the year, I decided to give my body light exercise a little every day.

Here, quantity replaces quality: it doesn’t matter how much you move, as long as you do something every day.

When I do my own exercise in the living room, my husband and our 9- and 15-year-olds are doing morning activities at the same time and the cat is buzzing along on the way.

I accept that a quiet moment is not always found in a family with children, but the exercise works even if there is noise around.

Of the smartwatch functions, I use the timer and pedometer the most.

I try to get 10,000 steps every day on the clock screen.

If I sit too much, my body immediately gets stuck and soon my mind starts to get stuck.

The amount fills up easily if I walk commutes daily.

When I work from home, I take a 30-60 minute walk.

When my body or mind hangs, I do a short asah break exercise during the day as well.

At lunchtime or in the evening, schedule a smart watch for 15 to 30 minutes for mindfulness exercise.

If I’m particularly busy, I do a longer workout.

The feeling of hurry is often only in your own head and you notice it when you stop to stop. ”

The measurement results are motivating

“In my work as an asah and mindfulness instructor, I meet a lot of stressed and exhausted people.

Many of them benefit from smart devices as they help to take control of everyday rhythm and routines.

If your heart rate starts to rise, the smartwatch reminds you to stop and do a breathing exercise.

The smartwatch shows in real time how even a short mindfulness exercise works.

Many are motivated to see how their heart rate starts to drop in just a few minutes and the heart rate variability starts to rise.

For as little as 2 to 10 minutes of breathing exercise every day, the body's calming parasympathetic nervous system begins to activate.

Asah’s deep and long breaths improve breathing technique and calm the nervous system.

The effect of the Asahi or mindfulness exercise is noticeable the very next night: sleep is calmer and deeper.

This spring, my shopping list includes a new smart watch that measures sleep and heart rate variability.

I am currently studying to be a Rosen body therapist as well as a cognitive short therapist.

I believe that smart devices and applications could also be utilized in therapy work.

There are already applications for tracking emotions and thoughts, for example, and a game is even being developed to treat depression.

Underlying many mental disorders is the difficulty in regulating one’s own emotions, but fortunately these skills can be learned at any age and there is a wide range of support available.

So I encourage you to curiously look for a way to move, recover and be well. ”

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