In Brittany, Marine Le Pen surfs on the disorder of the right and launches its regional campaign

Marine Le Pen with the local RN candidate, Florent de Kersauson, in La Trinite-sur-Mer on May 6, 2021. AFP - SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS

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After the departure of Hubert Falco, mayor of Toulon, it is a heavyweight of the right who is leaving LR: the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, the announcement in

Le Figaro

, sickened by the imbroglio around the union LREM / LR that he wished for the regions in PACA.

A chaos on the right on which Marine Le Pen is surfing.

The president of the RN, presidential candidate was this Thursday, May 6 in Brittany to launch the regional campaign.


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With our special


in La Trinité-sur-Mer,

Anne Soetemondt


Well, the start of the campaign is going well, isn't it? 

“Asks Marine Le Pen.


Very well

,” answers Gilles Pennelle, “

the PACA effect is starting to be felt in Brittany.

.. "

Sitting in the sun in her family stronghold of La Trinité-sur-Mer with Gilles Pennelle, head of the RN list in Brittany, Marine Le Pen is reveling in the storm that the French right is going through: " 

That is something that cannot be not happen to us.

On our lists, there is not a guy who votes Macron.

You can be quite at ease.


The opportunity to send a message to voters on the right.


I believe that there are many voters coming from the right-wing family and who realize that the only movement likely to create an electric shock in the country is the RN

 ", continues Marine Le Pen.

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Symbol of the profit that the RN could derive from the disorder on the right, the rallying of a Breton figure: Florent de Kersauson.

Friend of the Le Pen family, founder of the Route du rhum, disappointed by the right, he took the head of the RN list in Morbihan.


I believe,

" he said, "

like many right-wing voters," that I have to get closer to what is the real right (…) The RN, I wonder if this is not the real Republican front.

How are we going to save the republic?


In recent days, Marine Le Pen has garnered other right-wing support, in Occitania and in the Grand Est.

Small fish, but symbols that the lines move, we salivate at the RN.

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