The spread of infection in Kronoberg County continues to be very high.

With 1,014 confirmed cases of covid-19 last week, week 53, which previously had the top rating, was passed with five cases.

"Unfortunately, we do not see a slowdown in the spread of infection in society," says infection control doctor Christian Blomkvist.

The largest spread of infection is still among young people between the ages of 15 and 25.

And the fact that the spread of infection remains at a high level means that the Kronoberg Region strengthens and sharpens the local recommendations, which apply from today and throughout May.

Among other things, the recommendation to stop all sports competitions and matches for children and young people is extended.

- Very boring!

As soon as we see that the spread of infection in the school decreases, this is the measure I want to remove first, says Christian Blomkvist.

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Christian Romin Blomkvist Photo: SVT