The wreckage of a large rocket launched by China last month could soon fall to the surface.

US Secretary of Defense Austin said, "We are expecting to fall to the sea at this time," and revealed that the US military is not ready to intercept.

The US military is pursuing the large rocket "Long March 5B" launched by China on the 29th of last month, saying that it may re-enter the atmosphere soon and the debris may fall to the surface without burning out.

Regarding this, US Secretary of Defense Austin said at a press conference on the 6th, "The latest estimate is that the rocket will fall from the 8th to the 9th, and experts are still analyzing it," US time It is expected to fall this weekend as well.

He added, "I expect that it will fall to a place where no one will be harmed, such as at sea, and at this time, I have no plans to intercept with missiles." Clarified.

The "Long March 5B" is a large carrier rocket used in the construction of a space station independently promoted by China, and was launched last month with a core facility.

On the other hand, American experts and others have expressed concern that the wreckage is being dropped to the surface without control.