“Seven years ago, I had a septal bulge in my back and the doctor said the back should have been cut.

I started training in weightlifting at Anni Vuohijoki Weightlifting School and my back problems stayed there when my mid-body muscles strengthened.

During the corona period, I made a weightlifting hall for my own garage.

When I get my 2-year-old son to sleep, I go to the garage and put on a heavy ring of in-ear headphones.

I got a Garmin Venu smartwatch a year and a half ago, which for me counts the number of repetitions of sets.

I take a video of my performance on my phone and send it to my coach who gives feedback on the technology.

After the workout, I look at the duration of the workout, the number of calories burned and my total strength on the watch.

Technique has been a big help in my training.

Weightlifting is really consuming for the nervous system, and when tired you can easily drop the weight on your toes.

If your energy stores are low due to a poorly sleeping night or a stressful day, the clock reminds you that now you should rather go to the woods to hug trees.

The clock shows the fact that my energy stores are really low and the couch isn’t just pulling in otherwise.

Workouts have become more effective because the clock allows me to focus my workouts on the days when my body has recovered and I have enough energy.

Accidents don’t come as easily when you train briskly.

I admit that I still have a challenge in always taking care of the tips of the watch.

However, the training must be done according to the training program Four times a week, because my goal is to get to the Masters SM within a couple of years. ”

The clock reminds of rest

“The smartwatch has also been useful in my hectic work as DNA’s selection manager.

As stress levels begin to rise, the smartwatch reminds you to calm down and go out for a walk.

During the corona period, the most necessary feature of the watch has been the measurement of steps and total consumption.

When working from home, there is little movement, and the clock reminds you to go for a walk every 35 minutes after sitting.

I can see at a glance from the clock screen if I have reached the full amount of activity for the day.

I have three dogs and also thanks to them the clock accumulates steps.

I go to agility training once a week with Boerboel Irmel.

When building and demolishing obstacle courses and spinning next to a dog, the clock easily accumulates 3,000 steps.

When training with a dog, one must always have a good feeling, because the dog reads emotions.

If I’ve slept badly, I’ll look at my smart watch to see if I should stay home sooner.

I will now pay more attention to recovery thanks to the smartwatch.

When I see a pure fact from my own dream on the clock, I realize that it is necessary to take it more calmly.

If you have slept poorly, consuming a workout has more harm than good. ”

DNA Tip:


The weightlifter invests in the comfort and adjustable fit of the headphones.

Intelligent background noise reduction switches to a hearing mode with a single touch, where you can hear without removing your headphones if someone comes to praise your training screws.

Charges wirelessly.

Not when sweat-resistant in-ear headphones ride on your ears and iron!

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Foldable image stabilizer

When you want to video your workout, this image stabilizer creates an entire movie with its effects and effects - don’t be surprised unless your family members gather around a pop bowl.

The phone is connected to the gimbal with a magnetic connector, where it stays firmly in place.

The three-axis image stabilizer balances vibration and allows zooming.

Can you imagine anything nicer than a timelapse video of your squat bravura?

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Smart watch

What's so interesting about your wrist?

There you will find heart rate, oxygen saturation, animated cardio, strength, yoga and Pilates exercises, GPS positioning and, of course, training playlists.

Pre-loaded sports apps are wonderfully easy to follow.

You can listen to music without a phone, even if recorded directly from streaming services.

When you still connect the watch to your phone, you get messages and notifications right on your wrist.

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