China News Service, Beijing, May 6 (Reporter Zhang Su) In response to the G7 Foreign Ministers’ meeting issued a communiqué and openly intervened in China’s internal affairs, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin strongly condemned at a regular press conference on the 6th. .

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Wenbin.

Photo by Xue Wei

  According to reports, the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting issued a communiqué expressing concern over issues related to Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang and the situation in the East China Sea and South China Sea, and claimed to support Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly.

A reporter asked what China has commented on this.

  "The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven countries will make unfounded accusations against China, openly intervene in China's internal affairs, and engage in group politics that reverses history. This is a gross interference in China's sovereignty, a wanton destruction of the norms of international relations, and a violation of peace. The trend of the times of development, cooperation, and win-win situation. China strongly condemns this." Wang Wenbin said.

  He pointed out that Xinjiang-related, Tibet-related, and Hong Kong-related issues are China's internal affairs.

China has sufficient factual and legal basis for the sovereignty and rights of the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands, the South China Sea Zhudao and its adjacent waters.

The participation of the Taiwan region of China in the activities of international organizations, including the World Health Organization composed of sovereign states, must be handled in accordance with the one-China principle, which is an important principle confirmed by the UN General Assembly Resolution 2758 and the World Health Assembly Resolution 25.1.

  Wang Wenbin further pointed out that as a group of developed countries, the G7 should do more to promote world economic recovery and help developing countries accelerate development, rather than creating contradictions and differences in the international community and disrupting the process of global economic recovery.

  He emphasized that the G7 countries, including the countries with the most severe epidemics and the most advanced medical technology, should focus on international anti-epidemic cooperation and promote equitable distribution of vaccines, instead of just hoarding vaccines by themselves, and doing nothing to help other countries. To express one's stance, we should not criticize and interfere with other countries with a superior mentality, and undermine the current top priority of international anti-epidemic cooperation.

  He also said that the G7 bills itself as a "democracy," but the latest polls show that respondents from 53 countries and regions regard the United States as the greatest threat to global democracy, but the G7 has not seen anything about it. Show, take any action.

  "We urge the countries concerned to face up to their own problems, correct their selfish behavior in the fight against the epidemic, and stop the erroneous act of generalizing the concept of national security." Wang Wenbin said, ignoring the basic norms of international relations and creating various excuses to interfere in China's internal affairs. , Attempts to damage China's sovereignty and discredit China will never succeed.