"What kind of people are Chinese Communists?

What kind of force is supporting them?

What kind of hope,

What kind of goal,

What kind of ideal,

What makes them brave and unbelievable warriors?


——Quoted from "Red Stars Illuminate China"

In 1937

A book called "Red Stars Shine on China"

Published in London, England

Cause a sensation in the world

Once known as "a key to understanding China in the 20th century"

It’s actually recorded in this book

Edgar Snow

June to October 1936

In the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region with Yan'an as the center

China's Northwestern Revolutionary Base

What you saw and heard in the field interview

Reported to the world

The real Communist Party of China, the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants

Snow's Journey

Full of unknowns and challenges

He came to Xi'an and Yan'an successively

The security guard in the temporary capital of the Soviet area at that time (now called Zhidan County)

Promote a long talk with Mao Zedong

He went deep into the forefront of Yuwang Fort in Ningxia

Living with the Red Army soldiers

Along the way

He interviewed

Revolutionary soldiers, farmers, herders, workers, Communist Youth League members, young pioneers

And the leaders of the Communist Party and many generals of the Red Army

He also went deep into the countryside of the Soviet area at that time

Explore why ordinary people support the Communist Party of China

Snow was interviewed in the Soviet area for nearly four months

When leaving

He reluctantly

Questions before traveling

Also get answers in the process of exploring

After returning to Beiping

He reported his interview

Compiled into "Red Stars Shining on China"

Clarified various mysteries about Red China to the world

Disseminated the voice of Red China objectively and impartially


Also the first

Foreign journalists interviewing in the mysterious "red zone"

Today after 85 years

We revisit "Red Stars Illuminate China"

Retake Snow's path back then

More than two thousand miles

What changes have been made along the way?

Snow's doubts back then

Today's Chinese answer with a beautiful picture of a new life

Red star shining

What kind of new journey is it?

let us be together

Seek the answer

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