-A few years ago, we were not many at all.

After every year now, it has increased incredibly much for the girls.

Now that they really want to invest, I think it will be great, she says.

Östergötland has had many good female enduro riders over the years.

Emilia Reimander, who is currently injured, her sister Martina and Hanna Berzelius.

When it comes to SM signs and wins in Gotland Grand National, GGN, it has often been about these three names.

-I think it's super fun that they make this investment, says Hanna Berzelius.

"Same conditions"

"Among the most fun things about the sport is that girls and boys compete on the same terms, but I think it can scare some beginner girls when we ride with as many competitors as there are in GGN," she continues.

To then reduce the start-up fee to half for the ladies who run their first GGN, she thinks can make more people sign up anyway.

Despite the fact that the ladies' elite's successes have become more visible in the media in recent years, the ladies' class' winnings in GGN have not been on a par with the men's.

Now there will be a change in that as GGN chooses to have a prize money for the men and one for the ladies.

The prize sums will increase in the next few years and the goal is that by 2024 there will be SEK 100,000 for the winner in the women's class and the same amount for the winner in the men's class.